CPS series hybrid mppt solar inverter 6000w


Robust design and attractive appearance with V0 grade fireproofing housing
Auto switch 4 FUN: DC to AC, AC bypass, AC charger, and UPS
Work with various batteries and can be customized especially to charge the lithium battery
Dry contact: Auto Gen Start Function
Ultra Low THD and self-consumption is down 50% than the traditional low-frequency inverter
Adjustable dual frequencies 50/60hz and charge rate
Network via RS232 Communicate Protocol (optional)
4 DIP Switches: Output frequency, AC output range, charge current, DC/AC priority
Protection: Input polarity/UVP/OVP/OSP/OLP/OTP



Solar power systems, Back up energy system, Vehicle, Yacht, Portable equipment, Power tools, Home and Office appliances


Item Models CPS6000-2484M CPS6000-2486M CPS6000-2489M
AC OUTPUT Output Power 6000W
Surge Power 18000W(≤2S)
Output Frequency 50/60Hz ±0.5%
Output Waveform True sine wave(THD<3%)
P·F Allowed COSθ-90°~COSθ+90°
Efficiency 90%
DC INPUT Input Voltage 48VDC
Voltage Range 40.0~62.0VDC/42.0~64.0VDC
Fault Indication LED Red and Buzzer Alarm
Remote Control RS-232/RJ45(Optional)
AC Charger AC Range 184-253VAC / 154-253VAC
100-135VAC / 90-135VAC
Fast Voltage 56.0~60.4V
Float Voltage 53.2-55.2V
Overcharge Protection 62.8V for 48V
Charge Current 50A
MPPT Solar Charger(optional) solar panel Max 2340W 3120W 4680W
Rated Voltage 48VDC
Rated charge current 45A 60A 90A
DC Load Current 15A (MAX)
Input PV Voltage 150VDC(MAX)
Temp. compensation -52.8mv/℃
Bypass Transfer Time <8 ms
Input Vot. waveform Utility AC or Generator (Sine wave)
Max bypass current 80A/40A
Others Working Humidity 20-90%RH
Safety and EMI UL458 LVD(EN60950)
Working temp. -20~50℃
Storage Temp -30~70℃
Cooling Temperature controlled cooling fan
Size (mm) 650*505*210(L*W*H)
Weight (kg) 60 63


mppt off grid 24vdc 48vdc solar panel inverter 6000w built with chargermppt off grid 24vdc 48vdc solar panel inverter 6000w built with charger

Additional information

Weight 63 kg
Dimensions 65 x 51 x 21 cm

Considering your using condition,contact us before ordering

DC input voltage

24v 48v

AC output voltage

184-253VAC / 154-253VAC
100-135VAC / 90-135VAC

Output Waveform

True sine wave(THD<3%)

Output Frequency

50/60Hz ±0.5%


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