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military inverter and PowerSupply

  • military inverter and UPS 2000w
military inverter and UPS 2000w

military inverter and UPS 2000w

  • DC input voltage:12v 24v
  • AC output voltage:210v-250v
  • rated power:2000w
  • peak power: 6000w
  • Product description: military inverter and UPS 2000w, 12v 24v dc to ac pure sine wave 2kw
● Professional vehicle AC and DC conversion integrated power system
● With AC output, DC output, battery charging, AC bypass seamless switching function
● Dual battery intelligent management, can be used with the mains, the motor and the original car DC receiver hybrid power supply
● High efficiency, high power density, complete isolation of input and output
● Manual mute, battery forced parallel, leakage alarm, error proof switch and other auxiliary functions
● Expandable battery pack, strong battery life
● Advanced microprocessor control system design, pure sine wave output
● LCD/LED online display function parameters and fault indication
● Built-in battery charging module, can be powered by 15A DC system
● Input reverse / undervoltage / overvoltage / short circuit / overload / over temperature protection
● Monitoring by RS232/RS485 (optional)

● Standard 19-inch cabinet, the connector uses military aviation plug to meet the specific field of vehicle power system

model MPS2000-212 MPS2000-224
Output Power 2000W
Impact power 6000W
DC input voltage 12VDC 24VDC
output voltage 220/230VAC±3%
Output frequency 50/60/400Hz±0.5%
Output waveform true sine wave(THD<3%)
Power Factor 0.1~1
Full load efficiency 88% 90%
DC output 12V /24V 15A
Switching time <8 ms
Input voltage 176-276VAC
Frequency Range 45-65Hz
DC charging current 0-60A
Safety certification LVD(EN60950)
Electromagnetic interference GJB151A-97 RE101,RE102,CE101,CE102
Operating temperature -20~50℃
Environmental test Damp heat, mold, salt spray, vibration, low pressure, etc.
Internal storage temperature -30~70℃
coolling Load control cooling fan
Weight (kg) 28
Host size (mm) 3U standard chassis 482 wide × 133 high × 450 deep
Battery specifications (optional) 12V/65AH 19inch
Application Special vehicle modification

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