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TPI series three phase inverter

  • high frequency three phase inverter 5kw 6kw 8kw
high frequency three phase inverter 5kw 6kw 8kw

high frequency three phase inverter 5kw 6kw 8kw

  • DC input voltage:24v/48v
  • color: gray/red/blue
  • power factor: 0.95
  • efficiency: 89%
  • Product description: GPI series high frequency three phase inverter 5kw 6kw 8kw, dc 24v 48v to 380v inverter 3 phase
The range of COSUPER GPI inverters is designed to meet power requirements in locations not covered by the grid or where electricity is very expensive.
The main feature of GPI inverters is that they are capable of generating electricity from Batteries to create 3-phase power to operate the appliances.GPI inverters is designed with three phase balance technology to allow three phase inverters give single phase power. With the high-frequency technology, GPI has a better operation performance and lighter weight than traditional low-frequency inverter. 10KW three phase inverter is only 18 kg for easy installation.
Product Features
● Pure sine wave output runs all loads from office industrial equipment
● Monitoring the unit from LCD
● Three phase balanced, support both single phase output & three phase output
● As back-up or for clients with high power availability requirements
● 18 months warranty
● Battery DC over voltage and low voltage protection
● Short circuit protection
● Over temperature protection
● Over load protection
● Reverse protection

● Lack phase protection

3-phase rated power 5KW 6KW 8KW
3-phase surge power 10KW 12KW 16KW
single phase power 1.6KW 2KW 2.6KW
waveform pure sine wave(THD<3%)(linear load 0-100%)
AC voltage regulation(Battery.Mode) 127V single & 220V Three Phase;
220V Single & 380V Three Phase;
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Inverter Efficiency 89%
Overload Capacity 120% load 2sec, 150% load 1 sec
Dynamic Response(0-100% load) In 1 sec
Power Factor 0.95
Bypass Transfer Time Utility to inverter 0 sec; Inverter to bypass≤5ms
DC Input Voltage 24Vdc/48Vdc
AC Input Voltage 380VAC±5%(customizable)
AC Input Frequency 50/60±5Hz
Overload Protection Reduce output voltage & Alarm 101-105%,alarm 10s then shutdown,
106-115%,shutdown in 2s and alarm
Low DC input Protect Point 22VDC for 24V version;44VDC for 48V version
Inverter Protection Under voltage, overvoltage, output overcurrent,
short circuit& overheating, reverse
Short Circuit Protection By AC breaker; No automatic recovery(manual restart the machine)
General Parameter
Operating/Storage Temp 0~40/-30~70
Operating By LCD
Working Humidity 20~95% Non-freezing
Storage humidity 30~95% Non-freezing
Noise <60dB(Within 1 meter)
Working Atmosphere 86Kpa~106Kpa
Dimension(mm) 660*465*217
Weight (kg) 15 15.8 16.5
high frequency three phase inverter 5kw 6kw 8kw

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