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military inverter and PowerSupply

  • SPJ series military UPS 500w to 10kw
SPJ series military UPS 500w to 10kw

SPJ series military UPS 500w to 10kw

  • input voltage: 220v/380v±15%
  • AC voltage:220v/380V±2%
  • battery voltage: 48/96/110/220V
  • waveform: 50±5Hz
  • Product description: SPJ series military UPS 500w to 10kw
● Pure sine wave output, rack mounted
● Input and output completely isolated design, strong anti-interference ability
● High efficiency design with high power density
● Designed in strict accordance with the military standard electromagnetic compatibility · military standard three defense and vibration standards
● Adapt to the use of capacitive and inductive loads
● Ultra-wide operating temperature, high stability and reliability
● Ultra-short switching time to ensure uninterrupted load
● Advanced micro-processing control system design, strict selection of military standard devices
● Perfect protection function such as undervoltage/overvoltage/short circuit/overload/over temperature

● Meet the needs of on-board, airborne, shipboard and other places in the military field

Capacity VA 0.5K 1K 2K 3K 5K 8K 10K
Way of working Online interactive
working principle SPWM pulse width modulation
Input voltage 220VAC±15% 380VAC±15%
battery voltage 48/96/110/220V
Input frequency 50±5Hz
The output voltage 220VAC±2% 380VAC±2%
Output frequency 50Hz±0.05%
Load regulation rate ≤±1%
Distortion Linear load≤3%  Nonlinear load≤5%
Power Factor 0.1~1.0(For inductive and capacitive loads)
Full load efficiency  91%(battery provide power)  95%(AC working)
Switching time ≤8ms
Backup time 5s-10s (Customizable long standby)
Dynamic response transient loads at 0~100% or 100%~0%,output voltage≤2%
Noise (1M) 50~60dB (within 1m)
Display method OLED Digital display/LCD display
Electromagnetic compatibility GJB151A-97 RE101,RE102,CE101,CE102
Protective function Overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, output short circuit, over temperature protection
Military standard test Damp heat: According to GJB150.9-86 "Military equipment environmental test method damp heat test" test, the equipment has no obvious corrosion, and the performance indicators are normal;

Mold: According to GJB150.10-86 "Military equipment environmental test method mold test" test,

 the degree of mildew does not exceed 1;

Salt spray: According to GJB150.11-86 "Test method for military equipment environmental salt spray test", the performance indexes 

after normal recovery are normal;

Vibration: According to GJB150.16-86 "Emergency Test Method for Military Equipment",

 the performance indicators are normal;

Low air pressure: below 5000m above sea level (including 5000m), all performance indicators are normal;
Insulation reactance 500VDC 20MΩ
Withstand voltage insulation 1500VAC/5mA/1s
cooling method Load size controls fan speed to dissipate heat
Operating temperature -40℃~55℃
storage temperature -55℃~80℃
Relative temperature 0~90%(Non-condensing state)
way of communication RS-232
Battery External and built-in (optional)
Description A:19inch,2U 482*400*88mm (L*W*H); B:19inch,3U 482*400*132mm (L*W*H)
C:19inch,4U 482*450*176mm (L*W*H); D:19inch,5U 482*450*220mm (L*W*H)

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