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Vehicle power supply system

The conventional power system must include sockets, plugs, wires and cables, circuit breakers, leakage protection, switches, electricity meters, and even UPS, ATS, generators, batteries, rectifier power supplies, inverter power supplies, etc., its safety, reliability, availability, Ease of management is getting more and more attention, and the vehicle power supply and distribution system has to deal with several major problems such as vibration, space, heat, and weight than conventional systems.

Corresponding to these difficulties, corresponding changes and improvements must be made. First: the vibration The car is a moving space and needs to face a complicated road environment. A reasonable suspension system is indispensable for every car. Similarly, the in-vehicle equipment also needs to face such problems. This is the primary problem we have to consider. In the case of conditions, car-specific equipment is used, but many types of equipment are not designed for automobiles. Therefore, we should modify them to meet the earthquake-proof requirements. Second: space The car space is not as large as our conventional computer room.

In order to make full use of the effective space, we must use the compact equipment. The UPS, ATS, rectifier power supply and inverter power supply are rack-mounted products, and the power distribution is also designed as a rack. With miniature circuit breakers, small relays and plugs with locking devices, Third: the heat The small car space accommodates such a versatile and complete equipment, which is bound to cause power concentration, which increases the heat per unit space.

Despite the air conditioning, we must consider the issue of heat dissipation. In terms of power supply and power distribution, equipment that generates heat such as UPS, battery, rectified power supply, and an inverter power supply must use a chassis with a cooling fan. When installing, the air outlets of the equipment fan in the same cabinet face in the same direction. Facing the air conditioning vents, so that the cold air enters, the air outlets follow the direction of the air conditioning airflow so that the heat is taken away. Fourth: the weight The increase in weight increases the fuel consumption of the car, thereby increasing the operating cost.

While considering the strength, it is not suitable to use excessively heavy parts. Some parts can be made of aluminum alloy, engineering plastics, and nylon. Finally, for ease of management and maintenance, the cable Arranged neatly, all cables and switches should be marked. Cables of different natures are separated by different pipes and then accompanied by detailed drawings and operation manuals.


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