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Why Need Inverter Charger Instead of Converter?

Inverters combined with smart converters are called inverter chargers. They can charge your battery bank with city power and also provide power to run household electronics from your batteries. This is the best of both worlds.

Why you should upgrade a converter to an inverter charger?

They can charge your battery bank.
They have all of the benefits of a smart converter.
You can use all of your electronics off-grid.
One unit does the job of two devices.

Most come with an automatic transfer switch so you don’t have to manually turn them on and off like a standard inverter.

Many inverter chargers have an automatic generator start feature. If the batteries drop too low, the inverter will send a signal to the generator to turn on and run until they are topped off again. This will keep the battery bank full and the electricity flowing without a touch.

They are compatible with all battery types.

Is an inverter necessary?

You can rely on battery power and 12v electronics when camping off-grid. Many van lifers choose to go this route because it is simple. If you don’t have an inverter you can still use lights, vent fans, 12v portable refrigerators or other small electronics. You just won’t have any powered household wall sockets.

Inverter chargers are significantly more expensive than a smart converter. If you don’t plan to do a lot of boondocking, save yourself some money and stick with a smart converter.


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