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Devel Inverter Update History

Devel Inverter is an off-grid inverter manufacturer by Suzhou DevelPower Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., a factory specializing in the production of inverters in Suzhou, China. Its products have been sold around the world with energy saving, high efficiency and versatility.

In 2015, South Africa's energy market was in short supply. The company's marketing team captured the market demand. The devel inverter quickly became popular in the South African market and won the trust of customers with reliable performance and convenient operation. Rapid spread in the African market. The devel brand inverters are still available on the B2B website in South Africa website.

Following the needs of customers, capturing market dynamics, and innovating industry technology, the devel team continues to improve and upgrade product features to provide customers with better energy products.

After several years of development, devel inverters have been upgraded and upgraded on a large scale.

Among them, SPS series and XPT series inverter integrated machine have been upgraded to SPS new and CPS series, and have been upgraded to SPE series. The new SPE series high-frequency inverter charging machine can view more operating data through the LCD display, and can be built-in PWM or MPPT solar controller. The price is much cheaper than the traditional power frequency inverter.

Devel Inverter Update History

Devel Inverter Update History

Among them, the LPT series inverters are the most popular in the South African market. The look and features have been upgraded. The new LCD+LED display has a dry contact function with a battery type selector knob.
Devel Inverter Update History

The SPH series inverters for the high-end market have been upgraded to CPT series and CCT series. Among them, CPT series 2000W and 3000W have passed ETL certification and exported to the North American market on a large scale.

Devel Inverter Update History


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