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Data room power system configuration

Due to the continuous updating of equipment and systems, the importance of each system has been continuously improved. Considering the expansion, security, investment, upgrade and other factors, the dual-bus system solution was adopted, and the construction of the power system was strengthened through the implementation of the scheme. The reliability of the information network infrastructure has been improved, and a good basic environment has been created for the stable operation of the information network during the peak summer period. Taking an information room renovation project as an example, the information machine room originally used a set of 20KVA UPS and 4 5KVA UPS as power supply guarantees.

Due to the increase of power density in recent years, the original line is aging, the line is not clear, the maintenance is difficult, and considering Further upgrades will require an upgrade of the overall power system. The two-way mains output one AC power through the two-way automatic switching device. As the total input of the UPS power supply, a new 40KVA UPS is purchased as the main UPS. As the main power supply, the original 20KVA UPS and four 5KVA UPS are used as backup power sources. The total capacity of the UPS is doubled compared with the previous one. The dual power supply load is routed to the main UPS, and the other is the backup standby UPS. In normal operation, the active and standby UPS each bear half of the load. If any one of the UPS fails, the load It will automatically switch to another UPS without interruption.

After the faulty UPS is repaired, it will be put back into the system without causing system interruption. Comprehensive consideration of the heat dissipation, maintenance, aesthetics and service life of the new power supply line, adopting the current popular upper wiring mode, completely solves the problem that the cable is not well ventilated under the anti-static floor and generates heat and interferes with the network line in parallel. From the lead of the power distribution cabinet, then go to the top of each cabinet along the side of the cabinet, and finally connect to the inside of each cabinet through the terminal block, and further ensure the reliability by amplifying the wire diameter. By installing the UPS management software, you can monitor the UPS input and input current, voltage and load operation and changes on the computer through the WEB. With power management software, you can automatically shut down the device and save important data in a critical situation with a freely set load blackout time. Provide UPS status and parameter information, diagnostic and alarm information, such as: battery power, battery low voltage pre-alarm, inverter power supply, integrated alarm, maintenance status, battery switch disconnection, emergency stop, etc.

Since the data room is concentrated with a lot of real-time data, there are strict restrictions on the outage time. Therefore, in the construction process, we give full play to the advantages of the main and backup power supply. When the power is connected, the principle of “stop all the way, use all the way” is adopted. Detailed operational steps are in advance, and discussions and arguments are made to ensure that the impact of system outages is minimized when the new system is online. The benefits of this retrofit and dual bus system: The mains supply comes from different substations, even if one of the substations fails, it will not affect the operation of the whole system; Each load is powered by dual power supplies. Any one UPS fails, it will not affect the operation of the whole system, and it will leave enough maintenance time for the faulty UPS.

The convenient environment for future expansion, for example, will now be 40KVA. Expand to 60KVA or 80KVA, as long as a new 60KVA or 80KVA UPS is purchased as the main power supply, the original 40KVA UPS is incorporated into the backup power supply, and the load is rebalanced without power failure during the period to ensure the uninterrupted system. Thoroughly separate strong and weak wiring, reduce signal interference, and provide convenience for future weak current transformation. In line with the concept of “investing and growing”, when expanding, it is not a complete denial of old equipment, but a selective elimination, saving investment.

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