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Where Can I Find Devel Inverter?

Devel Inverter is a popular inverter in Africa a few years ago, especially in South Africa, when the extreme lack of electricity. It was about in the year of 2013-2015.

Suzhou Develpower Energy Equipment Co., Ltd, is an energy and power company, with many experienced technicians. The target is provided the clean and stable power for customers, the Devel is the logo for DevelPower Energy company.

There are rich and mature technologies in the power energy industry. Self-produced inverters have close cooperation with many Chinese caravan companies. The off-grid inverters produced are also opening up in foreign markets.

When was Devel Inverter popular?

When there was a power shortage in the South African market, they seized the opportunity to work with solar energy companies in South Africa to provide a large number of high-quality inverters. These inverters are very popular among local customers and are rapidly becoming popular in the African market.

At that time, DevelPower Energy provided many series inverters, most popular inverters are LPT series and SPT series. The detail appearance is here

When Devel Inverter changed?

At 2015, Considering the huge potential of the global solar market and the automotive market, we have established a comprehensive company, so devel becomes our subsidiary, and the new company now uses new logos and trademarks.

With huge funds and talent support, we have developed many new inverters and developed many automotive accessories. The devel brand has gradually withdrawn from the historical stage, the new brand named cosuper is coming.

Where Find Devel Inverter?

though the brand changed, the technical ability has been continuously enhanced. The previous old style products are still excellent in performance, and the newly developed products are well received by customers.

So, devel has not disappeared, it still exists and still gives you a better quality inverter. If you have a need, contact us.


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