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Development Status and Trend of China RV Industry in 2019

      In the United States and Europe, RVs have long been part of people's leisure travel and even life. In China, the RV industry and RV travel are still in their infancy, but their development potential is huge. From 2016 to 2017, in just two years, China car ownership has jumped from 48,600 to 69,432. In 2018, China car market sales were about 24,000. From the sales point of view, from 2016 to 2017, the sales volume of China RVs is almost 20,832 from 18,600. It is expected that China RV production and sales volume will usher in a major breakthrough in 2021.

      China RV industry started late, and the RV industry encountered more and more problems in its development, including imperfect policies and regulations, insufficient infrastructure for RV campsites, and the popularity of RV camping culture. The RV rental tourism market is still in its infancy. . However, the form of RV rental has effectively solved these problems and has a good impetus to accelerate the formation of the RV market. The liberation of ideas and the improvement of economic income have rapidly promoted the development of the RV industry.

I. Problems in the development of China RV industry

1. The concept of consumption has not been formed

      At present, the sales price of the RV market is at least 150,000, and the highest is more than 1 million, but most of the price is about 300,000-500,000. The consumption price of RVs is slightly higher. The concept and subconsciousness of the RV has always been at the stage of luxury consumer goods for high-end consumers.

 2. The industry's supporting infrastructure equipment and policies are not perfect.

      At present, the basic setting of RV is not perfect. The Chinese holiday camp has just started, resulting in a shortage of supply. The number of convenience stores and toilets is small, and parking is difficult. The power system is scarce and cannot provide continuous and stable power for RV equipment. In addition, the relevant laws and regulations on the road to the RV on the road are not perfect, and the law enforcement standards adopted by the local law enforcement agencies on the RV board are inconsistent. In some areas, the trailer-type RV is not allowed to be on the road.

3. The scale of RV rental enterprises is small, and the service cannot keep up with the development speed.

      The state strongly supports global tourism, and RV rental companies take this opportunity to develop rapidly. However, the scale of rental car rental companies in the market is small, and the number of RVs is limited, especially in the case of holidays. In addition, consumers cannot solve problems such as returning cars in different places.

Second, the development trend of China RV industry

1. RV cultural exchanges are more frequent

      With the rapid development of the RV industry in China in the past two years, not only are more and more Chinese people driving out of the car, but more and more foreign users are entering the rental car or driving their own RV to China. The RV culture is like this. In the case of getting an in-depth exchange. Some industry associations and organizations have occasionally held RV exhibitions, RV camping activities, and the RV culture has been spread.

 2. The infrastructure is gradually improved to promote the development of the industry.

      Since 2017, more and more RV campsites have been put into operation, and more and more RV campsites have been transferred from the former destination RV campsites to the construction of the RV campsites. In 2017, China RV campsites have more than 800 established camps, adding more than 300 camps.

3. The development of new energy vehicle market provides new opportunities for the outbreak of the RV market

      The development of China new energy auto industry has gradually matured. By the end of 2017, the number of new energy vehicles will exceed 1.7 million, and there will be nearly 500,000 charging piles. Some charging piles and sites can be used for RV electricity and docking, which is very beneficial to China. The development of the RV rental market. The domestic inverter power supply is becoming intelligent and systematic. The stable performance of the pure sine wave inverter provides stable and continuous power for all the equipment in the RV. The interactive interface of the inverter enhances the user's use of the RV. Experience. With the continuous breakthrough of AI and driverless technology, the car will become a smart computer mobile space, and the RV will become a smart entertainment space for leisure and entertainment.

      According to the current demand market in China, compared with the proportion of household purchases in developed countries in Europe and America, it is unrealistic for domestic families to purchase large-scale residential vehicles at present. Most households tend to choose to rent a travel car. However, through the development of China's national strength in the past decade or more, China's economic situation has achieved an astonishing rise. The people's living standards and consumption concepts have changed a lot. They have paid more attention to the demand for leisure and entertainment, represented by RV travel. The fashion relaxation and entertainment style has gradually been understood and accepted by the public, further expanding the RV to the general public.

      With the increasing popularity of travel methods such as self-driving tour, RV travel, and camping trips, China has to strengthen the basic role of consumption to boost economic growth, implement a paid vacation system, and strengthen tourism, scenic spots, self-driving camps and other facilities. Construction, standardizing the order of the tourism market, and welcoming the emerging era of mass tourism.

      At the same time, the state promoted the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and the production standardization and intelligence of RV parts continued to improve. The inverter power supply played a key role in providing stable and reliable power for RVs. Mature inverter power systems and increasing consumer demand will certainly promote the development of China RV industry more quickly. The Chinese RV industry will usher in a golden age of great development.


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