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Inverter interferes with TV and audio equipment signals

Many customers have feedback to us that when they use modified wave inverters in RVs or homes, snowflakes and unclear phenomena always appear on their TVs and audio equipment. In severe cases, videos cannot be displayed directly. After our investigation, the recommendation was to use a pure sine wave inverter charger.

Television & Audio Suggestions

Although most inverters are shielded and filtered to minimize signal interference, some interference with your television picture may be unavoidable, especially with weak signals. Here are some suggestions that may improve reception:

1. First make sure that the television antenna produces a clear signal under normal operating conditions (i.e., at home plugged into a standard mains wall outlet). Also, ensure that the antenna cable is properly shielded and of good quality.

2. Change positions of the inverter, antenna cables, and television power cord.

3. Isolate the television, its power cord, and antenna cables from the 12V power source by running an extension cord from the inverter to the TV set. Ensure that any excess AC power cord is a distance away from the TV set.

4. Coil the television power cord and the input cables running from the 12V power source to the inverter.

5. Attach a "Ferrite Data Line Filter" to the television power cord. More than one filter may be required.

NOTE: Some inexpensive audio systems may experience a slight "buzzing" sound when operated with a modified sine wave inverter. This is caused by deficient filters in the audio system. Pure sine wave inverter charger can be used to reduce the buzzing noise.


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