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Cosuper Energy participates in Chinese aid to Cambodia medical car project

In 2018, on May 10, in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh, Cambodian Health Minister Manbenheng received the “key” from the Chinese Ambassador to Cambodia Xiong Bo.

The first batch of 20 medical vehicles assisted by the Chinese government in the Cambodian mobile clinic was officially handed over in Phnom Penh on the morning of the 10th. It is reported that the Aid Cambodia mobile clinic project has a total of 40 medical vehicles, and the remaining vehicles will be delivered before the end of October this year.

Suzhou Cosuper Energy participated in the assembly of the medical vehicle and provided the core components – power supply and control system. The medical power supply: DC-AC continuous power is 3000W, peak power is 9000w, with UPS function, switch time is below 10ms.AC power and oil machine, with ATS function. have three phase indicator. With the water tank water level monitoring system.

Relying on technological innovation and teamwork, the DevelPower team upgraded the medical vehicle power supply and control system to be more stable and intelligent, and continue to contribute to the medical and health cause of all human beings.


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